‘Wonder Park’ by David Feiss, an animated film by Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon in the theater since March 15, has as its protagonist the wonder. To give voice to it is June, a girl full of imagination who, together with her mother, has created an incredible amusement park called Wonder Park, a funfair full of characters and where everything is possible. 

But the magic of this park goes out when June’s mother becomes seriously ill and has to leave her daughter and husband for treatment. In short, ‘Wonder Park’ dies with the shadow of pain and fear that falls on the girl’s family. 

But June is a true fighter and at a certain point she discovers an incredible amusement park called Wonderland in the woods, just like the one imagined with her mother. Despite being full of fantastic rides and talking animals, the park is in a state of great chaos, but June also knows that only his imagination is able to bring everything back to order. Together with these fantastic animals (two coyards, a sleepy bear, a wise porcupine, a monkey and a boar) June will have to save this magical place, bringing back the wonder in the park.