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“Avengers: Endgame” concludes not with a generic post scene but via a sound. A heavy sound of meaning, to replace the traditional additional scenes, that you decrypt.

Since the earliest reference point with Iron Man in 2008, every one of the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) finished with a conventional post scene. Short extra scenes are amusing and innocuous or to mystery a next film of the establishment. That of Iron Man presented Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, a focal and repeating character of the MCU. The most recent was Captain Marvel, who proposed Goose hurling the Cosmic Cube. To put it plainly, every one of the initial 21 movies of the MCU has its conventional post scene, a custom, Marvel Studio’s actual trademark (in spite of the fact that it isn’t the first to have encountered it).  

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However, Avengers: Endgame does not have a conventional post scene. A first in the historical backdrop of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As though to accentuate the sentiment of the end, permanent end, the siblings Russo choose not to put a post nonexclusive scene. Justice fighters: Endgame is the solitary film of the MCU not to regard the convention. It is a page that turns, and nothing to put after the credits is a savvy choice, which permits to propagate the sentiment of finish. Nothing. Truly? Not exactly in light of the fact that, rather than a succession, Marvel gives us a sound. In any case, not an insignificant clamour… 

Since there is nothing. After the principal conventional: nothing. After the second, still no sequence. While our little heart is enthusiastic, the siblings Russo share a sound. The last reverberation of a former time. One final story, the last gesture to the fans, the authoritative meta reference that finishes up eleven years of MCU. An incredibly overwhelming reverberation of importance, a sound that leaves the profundities of our memory, which makes unsettle the hairs of your arms. This choice is a splendid tribute and an ideal nuance. The Russo siblings, of whom Endgame was their last MCU film, come to influence their last commitment and end to up in the nostalgic quiet of a period now over. The look swung to the past, to the beginning of a massive associated universe, first ever of. Since this clamour, which shows up at the same time with the logo of Marvel Studio, and we realize that the cautioned ears will have remembered it, it is the sound delivered by the mallet of Tony Stark when it assembles its first shield in Iron Man 1. 

The last snapshot of Avengers: Endgame hence reacts to one of the main establishing demonstrations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This basic sound alludes to entire time, which will presently be felt with despairing. A sweet and genuine method for shutting the circle for the MCU, yet additionally for a crucial and clique character, worn for a long time by Robert Downey Jr.